You love your lawn. It complements your house and appeases the neighbors. But have you noticed some brown spots lately? Or does it seem like your plants are growing more slowly than usual? If so, your lawn probably needs aeration. Fall is the perfect time for aeration, as it helps eliminate compacted dirt and helps your lawn prepare for a long, cold winter. But what can you expect after lawn aeration from ArborLawn? Keep reading to learn what you need to know.

What to Expect After Lawn Aeration

First Day after Aeration

On the first day after aeration, you’ll notice small plugs of soil on your lawn. But don’t worry; this is normal and should be left alone. Avoid using your lawn mower or any other heavy equipment on your lawn for at least a few days, as this can disrupt the newly aerated soil. You should also try to avoid walking on your lawn too much, as this can cause the soil plugs to break apart. Instead, just let your lawn do its thing for a few days.

One Week after Aeration

About a week after aeration, you’ll start to see some growth in your lawn. This is because the increased oxygen and water flow to the roots allows for better nutrient uptake. At this point, you can start mowing your lawn again, but make sure to set your mower blade height at a higher level than usual. This will help protect the newly growing grass and prevent the soil plugs from breaking apart.

Two Weeks after Aeration

Two weeks after aeration, your lawn should start to look more vibrant and healthy. You may even notice that the brown spots have disappeared, and the plants are growing more quickly. You can resume your normal lawn care routine, like fertilizing and watering, but try to avoid using any herbicides or pesticides for at least a few weeks after aeration. The roots of the grass are still recovering, and chemicals can be harmful to them.

A Beautiful Lawn Is Possible

Lawn aeration is an important part of fall lawn care. It helps improve the health of your lawn by increasing oxygen and water flow to the roots. This helps your lawn sustain itself during the cold, harsh Lansing, MI, winter. So, don’t wait! Contact ArborLawn today for aeration, grub control, and mole control. Have a specific question? Contact us at (517) 882-1941.