Mole Control

When your yard is being torn up by those bothersome, irritating moles, you need the professional mole control services of ArborLawn. Since 1976, we have been the go-to experts for highly effective mole control in Lansing, Jackson, Gladwin, and surrounding Michigan communities. Contact our professional lawn and tree experts today by calling (800) 331-1746.

Safe & Effective Mole Control

The tunnels and piles of dirt caused by Michigan moles can ruin the look of your yard faster than you can say “I hate moles!” You’ve probably already tried all the folklore fixes like chewing gum, moth balls, red pepper, vibrating whirly-gigs, and the like. The only tried and true way of completely eradicating moles from your Lansing property is with the professional expertise of ArborLawn. Our lawn mole control team will come out to your yard, survey the extent of the mole infestation, and create a plan to get rid of those pesky moles once and for all.

To learn more about moles and how to treat them, download our informational mole control PDF.

Mole Control Info

The ArborLawn Process

At ArborLawn, our yard mole control process uses underground mole bait rather than a spray that is applied to the top of the lawn. This method has been quite effective, and we typically see results within only a few days of the initial baiting. Our trained professional staff is more than happy to educate you on the details of our potent and productive process.

While we cannot prevent new moles from entering the area, if you find additional mole activity within 10 days of the initial mole treatment, we’ll come right back out and re-treat the area at no additional charge.

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Facts About Moles

Did you know?

  • A 5-ounce mole will consume 45-50 lbs. of worms and insects each year
  • Moles can dig surface tunnels at approximately 18 feet/hour
  • Moles travel through existing tunnels at about 80 feet/minute
  • Mole damage is not a symptom of a grub infestation

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ArborLawn provides professional lawn and tree care for Lansing, Jackson, Gladwin, Hillsdale, and all surrounding communities. Learn more about our beneficial mole control treatment by contacting us at (800) 331-1746. Ask about our other specialized lawn care services such as aeration, grub treatment, mosquito control, and lawn irrigation.