Lawn Aeration Services

ArborLawn has become one of Michigan’s leading lawn aeration service companies. Aeration is an essential step in maintaining a healthy, thriving lawn. For more information, contact us today at (800) 331-1746.

Aeration for a Healthy Lawn

The root system of your lawn is constantly renewing itself by sending out new grass shoots. This new growth needs loose soil in order to develop and mature properly. If your lawn’s soil is heavy and compacted, these new roots remain near the surface. This leads to a dry lawn with a thick layer of dead thatch. Neither of these conditions are optimal for a vibrant and nutrient-rich lawn.

Benefits of an aerated lawn include:

  • Opening up the soil
  • Breaking up the top layer of thatch
  • Helping new grass roots flourish
  • Allowing the lawn to recover from any weather-related stress
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Control Thatch with Aeration

Thatch is the layer of living and dead stems, roots, and other grass parts that are located above the soil. When this layer exceeds more than one-half inch, it becomes a breeding area for all sorts of nasty lawn diseases and insects. It’s very difficult to grow a healthy turf through a heavy layer of thatch. Our premium lawn aeration process helps to speed up the natural decomposition of this thick, dense layer. By attacking thatch on a regular basis, you can often prevent the need for extensive lawn renovation.

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Our Core Aeration Process

  • Removes plugs or “cores” of soil and thatch from the lawn
  • Creates several minute channels for oxygen, water, and nutrients to penetrate the soil
  • Reduces soil compaction, allowing for proper growth of grass roots
  • We recommend aeration once a year during late summer or early fall

Professional Lawn & Tree Experts

Lawn aeration is one of the healthiest things you can do for your property. Let the experts at ArborLawn provide you with professional aeration services for a thriving yard. Contact us by calling (800) 331-1746. We serve Lansing, Jackson, Gladwin, Hillsdale, and all surrounding communities. Be sure to ask about our grub and mole control applications, tree and shrub care programs, and other professional lawn care services.