Tree & Shrub Care

The tree care services at ArborLawn are designed with your property’s unique needs in mind. With our modern and effective plant health treatments, you’ll have trees and shrubs that are healthy, beautiful, and thriving year after year. Contact us today at (800) 331-1746 to learn more.

Proper Nutrition = Healthy Trees

Proper nutrition is essential when it comes to plant health care. We use specially formulated slow release nutrients that provide exactly what trees and shrubs need for a lush, green appearance and a thriving root system. Your property will experience these benefits and more with our high-quality tree care service:

Stimulated tree and shrub growth

Improved color and appearance

Increased resistance to insects and disease

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Various Methods of
Tree & Shrub Fertilization

Our expert lawn care team uses a variety of fertilization methods for effective tree and shrub care:

Liquid injection into soil

Soluble fertilizer that is rapidly absorbed by the roots and an excellent method of correcting deficiencies quickly

Surface application

Fertilizing via the surface of the ground

Fertilizer stakes or spikes

Stakes or spikes driven into the soil that contain fertilizer materials

Tree trunk injection or implants

Fertilizer method that uses an infusion of liquid or implants to deliver nutrients through the tree trunk

When Should I Fertilize
My Trees & Shrubs?

Proper nutrition is of primary importance in plant health care. A properly fertilized tree or shrub is healthier and more resistant to insects and disease. At ArborLawn, we use specially formulated slow release nutrients that provide the necessary elements for the increased growth and lush appearance of trees and shrubs.

For more information regarding tree and shrub care, download our informational PDF.

Tree & Shrub Fertilization Info

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Professional Lawn Care Services

At ArborLawn, we go above and beyond to provide complete lawn care services. Whether you need to get rid of pesky insects and vermin or your lawn requires some much-needed tree care service, we can help!

Tree & Shrub Care You Can Trust

Contact ArborLawn today, the professional lawn and tree experts, at (800) 331-1746. We gladly serve Lansing, Jackson, Hillsdale, Gladwin, and all nearby communities. Along with our comprehensive tree care services, we also provide holiday lighting decoration and professional lawn irrigation.