Fall is a time for cooler temperatures, pumpkin spice, and the perfect opportunity to bring your lawn back to life. However, if your lawn  isn’t bouncing back from the summer season, it can be both frustrating and confusing. Perhaps you’ve tried everything from mowing, watering, and fertilizing your lawn but still no luck. Don’t worry! ArborLawn is here with three main reasons why your lawn is struggling to come back this fall, and more importantly, discuss solutions to get it healthy and lush once again.

3 Reasons Your Lawn Isn't Bouncing Back this Fall

1. Poor Soil Conditions

A lawn’s poor soil conditions can be caused by several factors, such as too much clay or sand or insufficient nutrients. These issues can lead to compact soil, slow water infiltration, and poor root establishment. Fortunately, there are several solutions to fix poor soil conditions. Aeration and overseeding can be helpful in loosening the soil and introducing new seeds into the area. Fertilizing and applying a top dressing can also improve soil health, giving necessary nutrients to grow strong and healthy roots.

2. Inadequate Watering Habits

Whether too much or too little, inadequate watering habits can dehydrate the roots, leaving them unable to take in water and nutrients. It’s vital to monitor your lawn’s watering needs, especially during the cooler fall months. A general rule is to water your lawn twice a week up to an inch of water. Adjust depending on your location, grass type, and weather conditions.

3. Poor Mowing Techniques

Mowing the lawn is essential, but doing it incorrectly can harm your lawn rather than help it. Cutting the lawn too short can cause stress to the grass blades, increasing weed growth and heat stress. Mowing too infrequently can also create an unhealthy situation, and the height of grass blades influences the growth and photosynthesis of your grass. A useful tip is to follow the “one-third” rule, which means you should only trim one-third of your lawn’s height at a time. Mow more frequently and at a higher setting as grass blades slow their growth rate.

We’ll Help Your Lawn Bounce Back

Your lawn does not have to suffer during the fall season. By understanding the root cause of your lawn’s challenges, you can take the necessary steps to bring life back into your turf. However, if you’re still struggling, it might be time to call in the professionals from ArborLawn. We help homeowners throughout Lansing, MI, giving their lawns the boost they need for the fall. We offer grub treatments and mole control, which can set you up for success in the spring. Plus, don’t forget to ask us about our holiday lighting. Contact us today at (517) 882-1941.