Grubs can wreak havoc on your lawn, causing brown patches and damaging your grass. Dealing with these pesky pests can be frustrating for homeowners, but it’s important to apply grub control properly to get rid of them effectively. As experts in grub control, ArborLawn is here with five tips on avoiding common mistakes in grub control should you apply your own treatment.

Avoiding Common Mistakes in Grub Control Application

1. Misidentifying Grub Infestations

One of the biggest mistakes homeowners make is misidentifying grub infestations or mistaking other lawn issues for grub damage. It’s essential to accurately identify grubs as the culprit before applying any control methods. Look for signs such as brown patches of grass that easily pull up like a carpet or animals digging in your lawn for grubs.

2. Timing of Application

Another common mistake is applying grub control at the wrong time of year. Grub control products are most effective when applied in late spring or early summer when grubs are young and actively feeding near the soil’s surface. Applying grub control too early or too late in the season can reduce its effectiveness.

3. Incorrect Application Rate

Using the correct application rate is crucial for successful grub control. Many homeowners make the mistake of underapplying or overapplying insecticides, leading to ineffective treatment or harming beneficial insects in their lawns. Follow the instructions on the product label carefully and use a calibrated spreader for accurate application.

4. Not Watering Insecticides

After applying grub control products, it’s important to water your lawn thoroughly to help activate the insecticide and drive it into the soil where grubs are feeding. Failure to water after application can result in poor efficacy and may require later reapplication.

5. Ignoring Preventative Measures

While treating existing grub infestations is essential, preventative measures to avoid future infestations should also be considered. Regularly aerating your lawn, maintaining proper watering and mowing practices, and overseeding bare spots can help keep grubs at bay.

Let Our Experts Deal with Your Grub Problem

Dealing with grubs on your lawn can be frustrating. So, if you’d rather not risk messing it up by doing it yourself, contact ArborLawn in Lansing, MI, at (517) 882-1941. Our team of lawn care experts is here to make sure your grub, mosquito, and mole control is done right the first time. So, don’t let a DIY project ruin your lawn this summer. Contact us instead!