Summer is a great time to fertilize your lawn. Not only will it help keep your grass healthy and green, but it can also help fight off pests and weeds. While many homeowners assume fertilizing in the spring and fall is all they need, ArborLawn is here to explain otherwise. In fact, here are the top five benefits of summer fertilization.

The Top 5 Benefits of Summer Fertilization

1. Gives Roots a Boost

Over the hot summer months, your lawn can really take a beating. This is especially true if you live in an area with high temperatures and little rainfall. Fortunately, summer fertilization can combat these effects and give your lawn the boost it needs to stay green and healthy. Applying fertilizer during the summer months will provide the roots of your grass with a much-needed dose of nutrients. This boost will help the grass withstand the heat and sun, leading to a lusher, healthier lawn come fall. 

2. Replenishes Soil Nutrients after Summer Rains

Summer rains help to replenish the water supply in the soil, but they can also leach out essential nutrients. This is especially true if the soil is sandy or has a high clay content. As a result, summer is an ideal time to fertilize your lawn. Fertilizers provide the nutrients that grass needs to flourish, helping improve the soil’s structure. 

3. Prepares Your Lawn for Fall & Winter

Fertilizing during summer helps your lawn prepare for the stress of fall and winter. Summer is when your turf is actively growing, so it can better utilize the nutrients in the fertilizer. A well-fertilized lawn has a better chance of surviving the cold winter months. Furthermore, the roots will store these vital nutrients, slowly releasing them once the spring arrives, giving you a rich, green lawn from the start. 

4. Discourages Disease

Summer is a critical time for lawn care. The hot weather and long days provide the perfect conditions for diseases to take hold. Fungi, in particular, thrive in warm, humid environments. Brown patch, red thread, and dollar spot are all common summer diseases that can quickly destroy a lawn. Summer fertilization helps to discourage disease by providing the turf with the nutrients it needs to stay strong and healthy. 

5. Produces More Oxygen

Lawns are a vital part of the Earth’s ecosystems and play a key role in the global carbon cycle. Summer fertilization helps to encourage the growth of grass which, in turn, helps to absorb more carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. As a result, this process leads to higher oxygen production, improving the air quality around your home. 

Turn Your Lawn into a Premier Lawn

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