When the weather gets cold, the holiday lights come out. Cooler weather brings the joyous feeling of the upcoming holidays and the brilliant displays of neighborhood holiday lighting. Here at ArborLawn, we specialize in exterior holiday lighting designs that will get everyone into a festive mood. Many homeowners trust us because we know just what it takes to create the perfect look. This includes knowing the different features of holiday light bulbs.

3 Features of a Holiday Light Bulb


1. Size

Christmas light bulbs come in two different sizes: C7 and C9. These two sizes are the most popular choice for outdoor lighting, and come in various colors and textures. While C7 and C9 are the preferred sizes for lighting that goes on your roof, porches, or banisters, there are other sizes on the market as well. Some of the smaller sizes are perfect for bushes and framing doorways, but the C7 and C9 sizes are the two that tend to have the biggest effect using fewer lightbulbs per strand. 

2. Bases

Along with the bulb size comes the consideration of the base. In many of the strands that contain C7 and C9 bulbs, you will find E12 and E17 bases. The E12 bases are also known as candelabra bases, while E17 are known as intermediate bases. If you guessed that the light bulb size and the base size correspond, then you’d be correct. C7 light bulbs pair with the E12 bases, and C9 light bulbs pair with the E17 bases.

3. Texture

Christmas light bulbs are made with various textures. The three most common types of bulbs are ceramic (opaque), transparent, and faceted. The choice of texture will depend on the effect that you desire out of your holiday lighting. Ceramic bulbs distribute light evenly, transparent bulbs display filaments for a more traditional look, and faceted bulbs give off a unique sparkle. 

Get Your Home Ready for the Holidays

Don’t stress over your home’s holiday lighting. Instead, turn to the team at ArborLawn for all of your lighting needs. Our experts have an eye for design and will highlight certain focal points of your home with each strand of lights. Not only do we string up your lights, but we also maintain them throughout the holiday season and take them down when you’re ready. We also offer regular lawn care services, tree care, and grub treatment to residents throughout Lansing, Jackson, Gladwin, and Hillsdale, MI. Contact us today by calling (517) 882-1941.