Homeowners everywhere enjoy their lush green lawns from late spring to late fall. However, there’s a lot of work that goes into keeping your yard looking pristine, and sometimes you may need a little help from the expert team at ArborLawn. While we’re happy to help at any time, we also pride ourselves in educating our customers on the best lawn care tips. Here are a few we like to give to homeowners throughout Lansing, MI.

3 Fall Lawn Care Tips for Homeowners


1. Test the Soil

Before you begin seeding, weeding, or fertilizing, you’ll need to test the soil underlying your lawn. A soil test will tell you which nutrients are missing, and will help determine which type of seed or fertilizer you should spread across the lawn. It’s not uncommon for your yard to be depleted of essential nutrients, and knowing which ones to replenish can help your lawn come back lush and green next spring. 

2. Plant New or Overseed

Fall is one of the best times to plant new grass, fill in bare patches, or overseed your lawn. The soil is nice and moist from all the summer rain, making it the prime time for grass seed to take hold before winter. Overseeding can also keep soil in place around your home’s foundation and cover up any unsightly bare or brown patches. Just don’t forget to continue your regular watering schedule to help the new seedlings sprout and take root. 

3. Aerate 

We recommend that you aerate your lawn at least twice a year, once in the spring and again in the fall. . Aeration allows for proper airflow, and makes way for the fertilizer you’re about to apply to your lawn. This chore is essential for a lush, green lawn every year. 

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