Germany may be credited for using the first Christmas tree, but hanging those twinkling little lights is distinctly American. The tradition of hanging holiday lights dates back to Thomas Edison. As a consequence of his genius invention and creativity, we now use holiday lighting on just about every building and tree during this time of year. ArborLawn is dishing out some more fun facts about holiday lights to make the year more cheery and fun.

3 Fun Facts about Holiday Lighting

1. Thomas Edison Is Responsible for the First Light Display

Shortly after he invented the incandescent light bulb, Thomas Edison was determined to bring light and joy to downtown Manhattan. So, in 1879 he laid eight miles of underground wire to bring power to all the strings of lights around the outside of his New Jersey laboratory. Then, in 1882, the Wizard of Menlo Park and his friend Edward Johnson decorated the first Christmas tree with red, white, and blue lights and put it on display for all to see. 

2. Grover Cleveland Brought Christmas Lights to the White House

Benjamin Harrison may have brought the first Christmas tree to the White House in 1889, but Grover Cleveland decked the halls in 1894. Coming four years after the White House was wired for electricity, President Cleveland requested that the first family’s tree be decked out with hundreds of multi-colored light bulbs. Because of this, he’s credited for warming the public up to the idea of electricity in their homes. 

3. The First Christmas Lights Were Expensive

The first of anything invented is expensive, and the first Christmas lights were no exception. It cost the average household nearly $300 (equivalent to $2,000 today) in the 1900s to light a Christmas tree. This price tag included the cost of the lights, a generator, and a wireman’s services. Today, the price to hang your Christmas lights isn’t that high, but it still does require some professional help!

‘Tis the Season for Holiday Lighting

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