A thick and luscious green lawn is the perfect backdrop for any home. When a lawn is well-manicured and cared for, it can make trees, shrubs, and other landscaping elements really pop. Not only does this add curb appeal to any home, but it also makes the home more welcoming after a long day at work. Yet, getting your lawn there requires help from the professionals at ArborLawn, and fall is the perfect time to start! Here are several benefits of our fall fertilization and weed control applications.

3 Benefits of Fall Fertilization & Weed Control

1. Restores Vital Nutrients

During the summer, your lawn takes a beating. The additional foot traffic and higher temperatures deplete your lawn of all its lusciousness. As a result, you might start to notice more weeds popping up, and there’s a good reason for that. Without regular fertilization and watering, the soil runs low on vital nutrients that grass needs to grow thick and strong. When this happens, your lawn is more susceptible to weeds. Weeds grow and spread quickly, further depleting the ground of minerals. But, with fall fertilization and weed control application, you simultaneously make it difficult for weeds to grow while providing grass with all that it needs to bounce back. 

2. Saves You Money

When you regularly apply fertilizer and weed control, you save more money in the long run. Skipping an application or waiting to get started will only cost you more as you attempt to get your grass to grow. If you’re doing things yourself, you’ll even find that it cost you precious family time as you spend hours spreading needed grass seed, fertilizer, and water. With professional year-round assistance, you save yourself both time and money on lawn care. You might consider your home to be the only investment, but the truth is your lawn comes with that investment as well. Professional fall fertilization and weed control help you protect that investment. 

3. Eliminates Potential Dangers

Fall fertilization and weed control help your lawn bounce back after the summer, but they can also help protect your entire family. Grass that’s well-fed and maintained is hardy and robust, capable of fighting off diseases and unwanted weeds. This is critical because some weeds can be dangerous, especially to your furry family members. If consumed, some species of weed can cause rashes, indigestion, and vomiting. Some weeds, like poison hemlock, can be deadly. But, with proper lawn care, fertilization, and weed control, you can rest easy knowing your entire family is protected from dangerous weeds. 

Schedule Your Fall Lawn Care

Here at ArborLawn, we provide comprehensive lawn care services to residents throughout Lansing, MI. We know that a healthy lawn means a happy customer, which is why we offer a pristine fertilization and weed control program for our clients. We also offer aeration, tree and shrub care, and mole control. So, if you’re ready to turn your lawn’s health around, give us a call today at (517) 882-1941