Even though we’re in the middle of winter, it’s never too early to think about your spring lawn care. By the time the snow and ice melt away, your lawn will have experienced some harsh weather conditions. So, it’s no surprise that you’ll notice some winter damage you want to fix. One of the best lawn care practices you can implement to help your lawn recover is seeding. If you’re not sure how to get started, use this brief guide from ArborLawn.

Your Lawn Care Guide to Spring Seeding

Winter Damage to Look For

Knowing if you should seed this spring starts with identifying the type of winter damage you’re battling. Some of the most common types of winter damage include:

  • Snow mold: Snow mold is a fungus that attacks many different types of grass in the winter. Usually, this is because of thatch or matted areas of grass that harbor moisture and allow the mold to take hold. 
  • Grub damage: Some grubs can eat away at the roots of your grass during the winter months. So, if this is the kind of damage you’re trying to remedy, you’ll need to address the grub problem first. 
  • Winter damage: Michigan winters are harsh, and your lawn could experience the worst. For example, many people find themselves fixing damage associated with winter de-icing salts. Thankfully, a reseeding in the spring can help remedy these dead patches. 

Seeding Tips

When you’re ready to seed your lawn after winter, it all starts with knowing what species of grass you have. Kentucky Bluegrass and Fescues are the most common here in our state. You should also prepare to treat your lawn based on its unique features. For example, if you’re trying to fix some dead patches, it’s best to use the soft seeding method. This method involves breaking up the soil, applying the seed, and tapping them into the ground.

You’ll also need to make sure you keep your lawn adequately watered. New seeds require a fair amount of water until they germinate. So, make sure your watering schedule matches the recommendations on the bag of seed you use.

Get Your Lawn Ready for Spring

Reseeding your lawn is just one way to get ready for the spring and summer. Other ways include aeration, grub control, and tree and shrub care. If you’re not ready to tackle all of this on your own, then contact ArbroLawn. Our team serves residents throughout the entire Lansing, MI, area! So, contact us today by calling (517) 882-1941