Mosquitoes are one of the most aggravating insects on the planet. They buzz and bite, making your outdoor living spaces unbearable at times. Thankfully, ArborLawn has some great mosquito control options for homeowners. Of course, treating mosquitoes early is always best, but even treatments throughout the year can help keep your family safe. So, here are some of our best options when it comes to mosquito elimination on your property.

Your 3 Mosquito Control Options

1. Standard Control

Our standard mosquito control is applied monthly to your lawn and landscape. This option is great for homeowners who don’t see a lot of mosquito activity but still want to keep them at bay. The goal here is to reduce the adult population and make your landscape unbearable for them, even if they find a place to lay eggs. 

2. Bi-weekly Control

Our bi-weekly control is a little more aggressive and great for homeowners already living with a healthy adult population. Applying our insecticides twice a month can quickly eliminate egg-laying females and their male counterparts. If you have a small pond or a stream of water running through your property, a bi-weekly treatment is best. 

3. Holiday Control

Getting ready to host a Memorial Day or Fourth of July barbeque? Then ask us about our holiday mosquito control treatment. Like our other remedies, we use a strong and effective solution around flowerbeds, lawns, bedded areas, and wooded areas to deter mosquitoes. This application is a must for any upcoming holiday. 

Mosquito Control Done Right

If you’re tired of trying DIY mosquito control or can’t find a solution that works for your family, call ArborLawn. We offer the solutions above, as well as a one-time treatment. We know all homeowner needs are unique, so we tailor our mosquito control methods to meet those needs. Additionally, we help homeowners throughout Lansing, Jackson, Gladwin, and Hillsdale, MI, build bug barriers, control tree insects, and eliminate lawn grubs. So contact us today at (517) 882-1941.