Trees are a vital part of our ecosystem, and they play a crucial role in our daily lives. Not only do they provide shade and help to cool the environment, but they also add beauty and character to our neighborhoods. Maintaining healthy trees is important for both their appearance and their long-term health. So, here are a few reasons why fall tree fertilization from ArbroLawn is a must!

Why Fall Tree Fertilization is a Must

Turf Is Tough on Trees

In the fall, many homeowners like to keep their lawns free of fallen leaves. However, this desire for a pristine landscape takes away the natural fertilizer for trees. Decaying leaves get reabsorbed back into the ground, and trees feed on this naturally. However, when you remove leaves from your lawn, you’re taking away key nutrients that must be replaced with fertilizer.

Fertilizer Nourishes the Roots

When you fertilize your trees in the fall, it helps to nourish the roots. The fertilizer will help to promote root growth and keep the tree strong and healthy. This is important, especially during the winter when the tree is dormant. By promoting new root growth, you’re securing the tree to the ground.

Fertilizer Prepares Trees for Spring

With fall fertilization, you’re not just preparing your trees for winter, but you’re also giving them a jumpstart on spring. The roots of the tree will store these essential nutrients and use them to bud in the spring. Fall fertilization also helps them heal from any winter storm damage, returning bright and green in the spring.

Extend the Life of Your Trees

Fall tree fertilization from ArborLawn is a great way to care for and extend the life of your trees. By taking care of them properly, you help them fight off diseases and pests, like grubs and moles. So, if you’re ready to prepare your trees and lawn for fall, contact our team in Lansing, MI, by calling (517) 882-1941.