A lush, healthy lawn may seem like a lot of work, but it doesn’t have to be. With spring upon us, many of our clients are asking the same question: What’s the right way to mow my lawn? While ArborLawn takes care of all your lawn fertilization and weed control, here’s how you can be sure you’re mowing your lawn so it grows green and healthy.

The Best Tips for Mowing Your Lawn in the Spring

Don’t Cut Too Short

When mowing your lawn, you should always avoid cutting it too short. This is because long blades of grass can help protect the soil from drought and heat stress during hot days. If you cut your grass too short, it won’t be able to shade itself from the sun, which can cause wilting and yellowing of the blades. Aim for about three inches when cutting so that your grass has enough length to protect its roots from extreme temperatures and moisture loss.

Use Sharp Blades

Sharp mower blades will produce a cleaner cut on your grass, helping reduce stress on each blade, and reducing damage caused by tearing. Dull blades can also create ragged edges, opening up pathways for disease or pests. Therefore, be sure to sharpen or replace mower blades at least once every season, or more often if you are mowing frequently throughout the spring and summer months.

Mow in Different Directions

When mowing, try alternating directions each time you go over a section of grass instead of going around in circles or always going in the same direction. This helps keep your grass growing evenly and prevents ruts from forming in one area due to excessive traffic from the same pattern of movement each time you mow. Additionally, this technique keeps clippings from being left behind since they will be mixed up with different lengths of new growth after each pass with the lawnmower.

We Make Lawns Look Good

Mowing your lawn correctly is half the battle of making your lawn look good. The other half is calling ArborLawn and asking us about our fertilization, grub treatments, aeration, and home bug barriers. We proudly make lawns look good throughout Lansing, MI, and the surrounding areas. So, contact us today at (517) 882-1941 and get your spring lawn care services started.