Michigan winters feel long and cold. The season also comes with plenty of snow to cover the lawns. So, once the first sign of spring hits and all the snow has melted, most homeowners are ready to get outside. However, your lawn requires some tender love and care following winter. So, here are some ways ArborLawn can help revive your lawn this spring.

Reviving Your Lawn After the Snow Melts

Winter Clean Up

The weight of the snow tends to compact any remaining fall lawn debris. Additionally, some grass blades die during the winter, leaving you with brown blades under a layer of thatch. So, one of the first things to do this spring to help revive your lawn is to rake up this lawn debris. Removing this lawyer will help seeds and fertilizer penetrate the soil better. Additionally, you should look for any dirt holes or soggy spots in your lawn that can be filled and repaired. 

Treat Snow Mold

Because of the amount of snow we tend to get, snow mold is a real concern for most once spring arrives. Snow mold often looks like snow, so the only way to know if you have it is to wait until the real snow has melted away. Unfortunately, once you spot snow mold, prevention is no longer possible. The best thing to do is rake up the mold spores and let the soil dry out as much as possible. Then you’ll be able to see how much of your lawn was affected and where reseeding is needed. 

Aerate & Fertilize

If you want your lawn to bounce back as soon as possible, then you’re going to need to provide a rush of oxygen and food. Through aeration and fertilization, you can provide your lawn with the oxygen and nutrients it needs to grow. Additionally, proper fertilization will stop weeds from spreading, keeping them from returning later in the summer. 

Water Properly

Lastly, keeping your lawn well-watered following the snowmelt is vital. This ensures your grass has what it needs to spring back to life. If you think you’ll just wait for the spring rains, you may be too late and risk a dehydrated landscape. So, make sure you give your lawn plenty of water, especially if you’ve reseeded any areas. 

Let’s Welcome Spring

Caring for your lawn after winter can be challenging, especially if you’re already fighting snow mold, grubs, or even weeds. Moles and other pests can further complicate your spring lawn care. That’s why so many Lansing, MI and Jackson, MI residents rely on ArborLawn. So, if you’re looking for a better solution than DIY, then contact us at (517) 882-1941.