The holidays are a magical time, and adding holiday lighting to your business just adds to the festivities. But, how can you be sure you’re getting great service from the right holiday lighting professionals? Well, at ArborLawn, we take pride in creating a stunning holiday lighting display for your business. We also know the importance of regular maintenance, so you can go on enjoying all the holidays have to offer. Still, we’re not afraid to answer some of your most important questions, including any of these below.

Important Questions to Ask a Holiday Lighting Pro

What Insurance Do You Carry?

When it comes to selecting a holiday lighting professional, you need to know the type of insurance they carry. Because this line of work deals with people, electricity, heights, ladders, and more, you’ll want to find a company that carries both liability and employee insurance. Understandably, this isn’t an area where you can compromise, especially when hiring an outside company to come work on your property. 

Who Will Be Handling the Lighting?

Unfortunately, the holiday lighting season can be an income driver for other businesses that normally don’t work in this area. Too many people just assume that holiday lighting is easy enough, but they often lack the skills or equipment to handle everything safely. When you choose the team from ArborLawn, you don’t have to worry about who will be hanging the lights. Our team of technicians is fully trained, licensed, and insured. Plus, they provide the best in professionalism. 

Do You Use Commercial Grade Materials?

The expectation that we use the best in commercial-grade materials is all part of offering professional holiday lighting. Holiday lights need to be heavy-duty, which means they aren’t the same lights that you’d put in your home. To ensure you’re getting the best, you can count on us to use UL-rated extension cords, commercial-grade bulbs, and property-friendly installation accessories. 

Looking for Holiday Cheer?

The holidays are in full swing for most businesses throughout Lansing, MI. But if you still need professional lighting to ring in some holiday cheer, then call on ArborLawn. Our holiday lighting professionals can customize an entire design and have your exterior lighting up in no time. We also offer a plethora of lawn care services throughout the rest of the year, including aeration and grub control. Contact us at (517) 882-1941 today!