It’s a common misconception that you should fertilize trees and shrubs in the spring. With all of the rain and warmer temperatures, it makes sense why so many assume this to be the best time. However, this practice is now shifting, and we’re finding autumn to be the best time to care for trees. A fertilizer application from ArborLawn right after the first freeze of the season can do your trees some good, especially the younger ones on your property. Furthermore, professional fertilization means you also get the right solutions for different foliage species on your property.

3 Different Trees and Their Fertilizer Needs

1. Hardwood Trees

Hardwood trees, like oak and maple, require different nutrient blends to thrive. For example, oak trees need regular applications of solutions rich in zinc and iron, especially for those between three and five years of age. Older oaks need these same nutrients, but usually only once a year. On the other hand, maple trees usually tell you when it’s time to fertilize. If the sapling grows more than six inches in a year, the soil is good. However, if they struggle to grow even just two inches, then it’s time for slow-release nitrogen fertilizer.

2. Ornamental Trees

Ornamental trees need special attention, especially if their leaves start to turn yellow. Yellowing leaves are an indication that the soil lacks magnesium and zinc. You should also pay close attention to their growth rate. If your ornamental trees are growing steadily throughout the year, then the soil is rich in nitrogen. However, if they slow in growth, it’s time for a fertilizer application to replace the soil’s nitrogen. 

3. Evergreen Trees

Evergreen trees are slow growers, especially the young ones that have recently been transplanted. The best way to determine if your trees need a nutrient boost is to watch how they flower in the spring, or how green their needles are throughout the year. If you notice that the needles start to turn brown or yellow, then it’s time for a fall fertilizer application rich in nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium. 

Fertilizer Solutions You Can Count On

Everyone knows that proper nutrition is important to plant health, especially for your trees and shrubs. At ArbroLawn, we have several different ways of administering the right minerals to each tree. We can also fertilize your lawn this fall, ensuring a healthy, green lawn in the spring. If you live in Lansing, MI, and want help with fertilizing, aeration, or even grub control, give us a call at (517) 882-1941