Do you ever wonder why mosquitoes love you more than anyone else? It’s not just bad luck. There are several reasons why mosquitoes bite some people more than others. So, here are the five of the most surprising reasons that mosquitoes target specific people and why you should call ArborLawn for mosquito control.

5 Surprising Reasons Mosquitoes Bite Certain People

1. They Like the Way You Smell

One of the reasons mosquitoes bit you is likely the way you smell. That’s right – mosquitoes are attracted to certain people based on the chemicals they produce, and everyone has their own unique scent. Scientists have found that people who produce more lactic acid than others are usually the favorite snack for mosquitoes.

2. Your Skin Has Their Favorite Bacteria

It turns out that mosquitoes are attracted to certain types of bacteria that live on our skin. In fact, they’re more attracted to people with certain types of bacteria than they are to others. So if you find yourself getting bitten more often than others, it might just be because you have their favorite type of bacteria!

3. You’re Pregnant

Did you know that mosquitoes are attracted to the carbon dioxide that pregnant women exhale? This is because they need the protein in our blood to help them develop their eggs. And unfortunately, pregnant women tend to exhale more carbon dioxide than people of a similar size who are not pregnant. 

4. Mosquitoes Love Your Blood Type

Your blood type might also be another reason mosquitoes bite you more often than others. Studies have shown that mosquitoes are more likely to bite people with type O and B blood. So, if you’re struggling to keep these critters at bay, it might help to ask your doctor about your blood type. 

5. Alcohol Is Attractive to Them

While several factors can influence a mosquito’s biting behavior, one surprising reason is that mosquitoes are attracted to alcohol. Studies have shown that mosquitoes are more likely to land on people who have been drinking, and they are particularly attracted to the scent of beer. 

Protect Your Backyard and Your Home

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