The holidays are a time for family, friends, and fun. But they can also be a time for accidents if you’re not careful. According to the National Fire Protection Association, there are an average of 770 house fires each year that are the result of faulty or misused Christmas lights. So, before you deck your halls with boughs of holly, make sure you read these five holiday lighting safety tips from ArborLawn!

5 Holiday Lighting Safety Tips

1. Turn off the Lights When You’re Not Home

When it comes to holiday lighting safety tips, it’s important to start with the basics: turn off your lights when you’re not home. This is an especially important step if you plan on being away from home for more than a few days, as leaving your holiday lights on can increase your chances of a house fire. Not only this but leaving lights on all day and all night is a great way to run up your energy bills.

2. Toss Strings of Lights that Flicker

When you first pull out your holiday lights, make sure you test them by plugging them in and looking for issues. Flickering lights can be dangerous, as they may indicate a wiring issue, so toss any strand that flickers. Additionally, flickering may be a sign that the wiring insulation has melted, and you’ll likely find exposed wire somewhere along the strand.

3. Don’t Overload Electrical Outlets & Circuits

Another important holiday lighting safety tip is to not overload electrical outlets and circuits. Overloading an outlet or circuit can cause your breaker to trip or fuses to blow. When plugging in holiday lights, it’s best to spread out their usage and make sure that you don’t exceed the maximum wattage for a particular outlet.

4. Set a Timer

Setting a timer for your holiday lights is a crucial safety tip to keep in mind. Having a timer will ensure that your lights automatically turn off when you’re not home or when you go to bed. Additionally, using a timer reduces energy waste and helps keep your energy bills lower.

5. Keep Lights Away from Fire Sources

Keeping holiday lights away from fire sources is an essential part of practicing sound holiday lighting safety. So, when setting up your holiday lights, make sure you place them at least three feet away from any of these features, whether they’re indoors or outdoors.

Let the Pros Handle Your Outdoor Lighting

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