Do you avoid your backyard because of mosquitos? If so, you’re not alone. Many homeowners dream of kicking up their feet and relaxing in their backyards. But many rarely get the chance because they’re too busy swatting away pesky biters. Additionally, we all know that mosquitos carry deadly diseases, making it even more uninviting to spend time outside. If this sounds familiar, ArborLawn wants to help! Here are several reasons you’re struggling with mosquitos around your home. 

4 Reasons You Struggle with Mosquitoes

1. Stagnant Water 

For mosquito larvae to transform into adults, they need a shallow pool of standing water. The larvae feed on the organic material in the water, so getting rid of any standing water is the first step to eliminating them from your lawn. This could mean ditching that birdbath or even getting rid of those rain barrels. Anything that has the potential to collect water also has the potential to house mosquitos. 

2. Overgrown Areas

Adult mosquitos love to hide and stay cool, and that woodpile near the back door or the overgrown brush in the rear of your property are perfect hiding spots. Mosquitos will also hide in overgrown lawns, so mowing regularly is a great way to ensure they don’t hang around. If you still have spring lawn debris piled up, you should clean it up right away, as this pile is also another perfect hiding place. 

3. Poor Control Methods

Store-bought control methods often don’t work for mosquito control. Many of these methods still have organic material in them, which just further attract your unwanted biters. Furthermore, those bug zappers, mosquito coils, and citronella candles have proven to only have minimal results and don’t control mosquitos at the source. So, before you go spending money on a control method, seek help from professionals.

4. Failing to Treat at the Right Time & Place

Treating mosquitos requires professional expertise and products. However, it also means getting help before it’s too late. If you’re waiting until the middle of the summer for mosquito control, then you might be late to the party. Failing to treat nesting areas is part of the problem, but putting off this pest control will contribute to your struggle as well. 

Call the Mosquito Control Experts

Nothing can ruin a midsummer backyard BBQ like a swarm of mosquitos. So, before you let these pests ruin your summer fun, contact ArborLawn for expert mosquito control. Our professional treatment reduces the number of adult mosquitos in your lawn, thus preventing future generations from popping up. We also offer Lansing, MI, residents expert grub control, mole treatment, and bug barrier parameter control. To schedule your appointment, give us a call today at (517) 882-1941.