The holidays are the perfect time of year to satisfy that exterior decorating itch. However, most people put out their holiday lighting with no particular design or idea in mind. If you’re looking for something a little more integrated this year, then let ArborLawn help. Our professional holiday lighting services experts cover everything, from design and installation to maintenance and off-season storage. Here are some of the most popular designs homeowners request every year.

4 Holiday Lighting Ideas

1. Tree Showcases

During the winter, gardens and trees are usually pretty quiet. So, the best way to showcase these important aspects of your lawn is by highlighting the branches with holiday lighting. If you have a long driveway lined with deciduous trees, then what better way to welcome people to your home than by lighting their way? By wrapping the trunk and branches with bulbs, you invite people in on those cold winter nights and give the outdoors that much-needed festive glow. 

2. Hedge Wraps

If your landscaping includes a row of hedges, then you might want to consider using hedge wraps or blankets as part of your holiday lighting design. These lighting nets come in various sizes so that you can have ample coverage of lights on your hedges. Using these in your landscaping is a great way to provide extra lighting with minimal effort. Plus, it gives your home a classic yet festive look for the holidays. 

3. Highlight a Wreath

When you think of the holiday season, you probably picture all the sparkly ornaments and large wreaths that hang from front doors. With some simple lighting techniques, you can highlight these features on your front door. Or, if you have a hardscape wall near the front of your home, you can hang a large wreath here, and we’ll highlight it with your landscape lights. The soft glow of the bulbs and your touch of festive flare are just what your home needs this holiday season!

4. Eave Lighting

Many homeowners love the simple, clean look of lining the eaves of their homes with holiday lights. However, this does take some skill and know-how. It even requires some design work if you’re not familiar with how to hang these bulbs. But have no fear, because ArborLawn can help! We’ll even use attaching elements that won’t damage the exterior of your home and will blend right in with the strand. When we’re all done, you’ll be left with a soft holiday glow.

We’ll Design Your Holiday Lighting

We take pride in having a keen eye for detail and holiday lighting decoration. An ArborLawn professional will walk you through the entire process, making sure we include everything you want in your design. We’ll take care of the setup, maintenance, and clean-up after the season. When you want hassle-free holiday lighting, lawn grub treatment, lawn care, or mole treatment for your home in Lansing, MI, contact us at (517) 882-1941.