We all love the change of the seasons and the warmer temperatures. Sunny days also mean bugs and other pests are coming out of their winter hibernation and are ready to frolic through your backyard. However, not all bugs stay outdoors. In fact, it’s not uncommon for homeowners to struggle with keeping these pesky creatures outdoors. That’s why they turn to the Bug Barrier Perimeter Program from ArborLawn. Our program is designed to keep bugs away from your home and stop them from entering through these common areas. 3 Ways Bugs Enter Your Home

1. Vents

While you might think of the vents inside your home, bugs can also enter through the outside vents. These entry spots include the attic vents, dryer vents, and even chimney or sewer vents. It’s also not uncommon for homeowners to find bugs crawling down from the bathroom vents. While it’s necessary to have these airflow passages in your home, it’s also unpleasant to find insects indoors. That’s why a bug barrier around the perimeter of your home is essential. 

2. Door Thresholds

In the heat of summer, bugs are also looking for cool places to hide. This is why you find bugs hanging around the door thresholds, usually clinging to the trim. You’ll also find them here because it’s quick and easy access to your home, especially if the door is at ground level. Spiders, ants, and stinkbugs are notorious for using door thresholds as their way into your home. 

3. Window Wells

If your home has a basement with one or more windows, you’ll likely find this is an easy bug entry point to your home. Window wells provide plenty of moisture, shade, and security from predators, for bugs of all shapes and sizes. While you can keep a covering over the top of the well to keep out larger animals, bugs always find a way in. It’s not uncommon for us to find spider webs, ant colonies, and even centipedes or earwigs. 

Protect Your Home

If you’re tired of smashing bugs or using cans of bug spray to no end around your home, it’s time to call ArborLawn for expert bug barrier protection. Our program is designed to be hassle-free, and helps prevent unwanted insects from entering your home. We proudly provide Lansing, MI, homeowners with all of their insect control and lawn care, including mosquito control, tree insect care, and lawn grub treatment. Give us a call at (517) 882-1941 to protect your home today.