Keeping bugs out of your home might seem like an impossible task. Every time you turn around, you see something scurrying across the floor. Unfortunately, once a bug infestation has occurred, it can be difficult to get rid of them for good. However, here at ArborLawn, we believe that your bug barrier begins outside your home. Our Bug Barrier Program can help keep bugs away from your home all year long. Still, we think you’ll enjoy some other benefits from this program.

3 Benefits of Building a Bug Barrier

1. Prevents Bites and Stings

There’s no doubt that spring and summer bring out all the creepy crawlers that bite and sting. But, when you build a bug barrier around your home, you never have to worry about these insects getting inside. When provoked, some insects fight back, leaving you or your family with sting welts or itchy bug bites without even stepping foot outside. So, prevent these bug bites from ever happening with our specially formulated barrier. 

2. Makes Your Home Feel Clean

Bugs can make your home feel dirty, no matter how often you clean. They tend to leave droppings everywhere and can even carry diseases or parasites. So, if you want to avoid these insects altogether, it starts with the right type of bug prevention. Furthermore, once your home is rid of its infestation, you can do a deep clean and feel confident that your home is bug and debris-free. 

3. Increases Security and Safety

When it comes to the security of your home, that whole-home alarm system will only get you so far. Unfortunately, these systems detect not all home invaders, especially those that love to eat or chew through wood. Carpenter ants and other wood-destroying insects can compromise your safety and security by simply building their colonies within your walls. When wood becomes weaker due to the holes, your home is no longer a safe place to live. Exterior Bug Barrier helps prevent destructive bugs from entering your home. 

Say Yes to Our Bug Barrier

Protecting your home from tiny invaders is what we do here at ArborLawn. Not only does our bug barrier program prevent unwanted infestations, but it also prevents insects from even considering coming near your home. Furthermore, our treatment options don’t stop with your home. We also offer mosquito control solutions for your backyard and tree insect treatments to preserve your wooded areas. So, if you live in or around Lansing, MI, and are ready to say yes to protecting your home, contact us today at (517) 882-1941.