It’s that time of year again when lawns need a refresh so grass can prepare for the colder months. While summer rains have nourished the ground, heavy foot traffic, mowing, and falling foliage have led to dirt compact and thatch. So, one of the best things you can do near the end of the season is to call ArborLawn for turf aeration, and here are some of the amazing benefits you’ll experience.

3 Benefits of Turf Aeration This Fall

1. Allows for Air, Nutrient, & Water Flow

By poking minute holes into the ground, we create small channels for water, nutrient, and airflow. The additional (and often much-needed) oxygen and water revive the grass to its pre-summer glory. Homeowners soon see green lawns again, making their homes stand out even more from the surrounding dry turf of their neighbors. Additionally, the revived grass can then take in more nutrients, storing it up for the long winter ahead. 

2. Reduces Puddling or Runoff

When the ground and soil are compact from heavy use, water has a hard time penetrating. Whether it’s falling from the sky or coming from your sprinkler system, you likely notice that it’s pooling in low-lying areas. This is another reason to have your lawn aerated in late summer or early fall. By loosening the soil, water has somewhere to go rather than pooling on the surface. It’s just another benefit to turf aeration.

3. Loosens Thatch

Remember that layer of foliage and debris we mentioned earlier? Well, aerating your lawn after a long summer season is a great way to loosen it up and remove it from the turf. While a thin layer of thatch is good for your lawn, you can have too much of a good thing. So, by removing it through turf aeration, we can open up the ground and let your grass breathe. Additionally, this is just another blockage to water, oxygen, and nutrients, so removing it is a good thing. 

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