The grass in your lawn aerates naturally, but sometimes even nature needs a little help. Aeration services from ArborLawn have kept yards in the Lansing, MI, area green, healthy, and happy for years. Yet, some homeowners still don’t realize the benefits of this kind of lawn care. So, if you’re still on the fence about having your lawn aerated, here are the key benefits you can expect.

3 Benefits of Aerating Your Lawn

1. Reduces Compact

Heavy summer rains and foot traffic can compact the soil in your lawn. Compacted soil doesn’t allow for much airflow, harming the underground network of roots. Therefore, by poking small holes in a lawn, we’re able to help your lawn breathe. By getting plenty of oxygen, water, and nutrients, your lawn will grow lush and green well into the fall season. 

2. Reduces Puddling

As you can imagine, compacted soil can also restrict the amount of water your lawn absorbs. Therefore, if you notice small puddles throughout your lawn after it rains, then aeration is needed for your yard.

3. Improves Overall Health

A healthy lawn is all anyone is after, but a shallow root system could be keeping you from the yard of your dreams. Aeration allows your grassroots to spread out and grow thicker. Thicker lawn roots make your grass hardier and more pest- and drought-resistant. Furthermore, denser roots can hold onto more nutrients, making fertilizers more effective. 

Schedule Your Appointment

Here at ArborLawn, we recommend that you aerate once a year, sometime between late summer and early fall. We’re approaching that time in Lansing, MI, so we’d encourage you to schedule your appointment now. Also, don’t forget to ask us about our other lawn care services, summer grub treatment, and bug barrier program. Call us today at (517) 882-1941