Tree Growth Stimulator

This one time tree root growth stimulator application greatly enhances the establishment of new plantings, and recovery of stressed plants. We use a soil injection with a beneficial root fungus and root growth stimulant called Mycorrhizae. This all-natural product improves tree root growth and development, aids in water and nutrient absorption, and helps protect against certain tree root diseases.

In keeping with our goal of offering the very best treatment options for your trees, ArborLawn offers our proactive Mycorrhizal treatment for stressed trees. We refer to this treatment as our Tree Growth Stimulator application. Typically one application will be all that is needed to provide your tree with greatly improved nutrient uptake and over all health.

The best way to explain this service is to think of trees in their natural forest setting. Here they grow in a community of other trees, with a layer of decomposing leaf litter as natural mulch. This layer of organic material acts as a sponge to hold excess water and nutrients, and it supports a wide range of microorganisms which live with, and in some cases, colonize the root system of the tree. This greatly increases the effective surface area of the roots. When these fungal and bacterial organisms extract nutrients from the soil, they release enzymes and other substances which actually make the nutrients more available for the tree.

Frequently, when trees are planted in the landscape, the soil does not provide these same favorable conditions. Usually, landscape trees find themselves in soil that is compacted, sterile, and lacking in organic matter. Sometimes instead of a layer of nurturing leaf litter, they find themselves in competition with turf for nutrients and water. Our Mycorrhizal treatment for trees is designed to introduce “friendly” fungal and bacterial organisms that help develop and support the “forest trees” environment in the root zone in the struggling landscaped environment. Along with these biological components are organic substances that support the Mycorrhizas so they can begin to colonize the soil around the trees roots.

Application Schedule:
  1. Injectable Mycorrhizal Treatment
    This application is for stressed trees that are not responding well to fertilization alone and is usually done in conjunction with a conventional deep root feeding.
  2. Injectable Mycorrhizal Plus Treatment
    This application is for “clorotic” and severely stressed trees, especially those that are not responding to traditional treatment with iron injections.
  3. Mycorrhizal Vertical Mulching
    This treatment introduces beneficial microorganisms and improves soil structure by increasing particle size, thereby increasing air space in the root zone.