Which Turf Feeding Insects Will Invade Your Landscaping?

Summer is in full swing, meaning that your lawn is as bright green and beautiful as it gets. Sadly, you’re not the only one who is enjoying your bright green, healthy landscaping. Turf feeding insects love to snack on healthy lawns and it’s important to know if those are the type of pests that have invaded your landscaping. While some brown spots in your lawn may be caused by a drought or nutritional problems, it could be a more severe problem being caused by the turf feeding insects.

There are three common types of turf feeding insects that ArborLawn watches and applies treatment for. The first, Billbugs, usually cause damage to landscaping from late June through August. Light infestations of these insects will produce small dead spots that look similar to a turf disease.

The second most common type of turf feeding insects is the Chinch Bug. Chinch bugs are first detected when irregular patches of turf begin to turn yellow and then straw colored. If you see a straw colored patch of grass, it is likely that the patch is completely dead due to these bugs. How are these bugs so destructive? Studies have shown that feeding by these bugs blocks the water and food conducting vessels of grass stems which will ultimately result in plant death.

The third bug, the Sod Webworm, usually causes landscaping damage in the early spring. However, there is also a summer generation of these bugs and this generation will cause general turf thinning or irregular dead patches in late June into early August. These bugs prefer sunny areas.

As we are approaching the time when these insects begin to actively feed (late June into July), ArborLawn has begun to make pest control applications for these pests now. If you think that your landscaping is being plagued by any type of turf feeding insect, be sure to contact us ASAP in order to rid of them quickly and easily.