Tips to Bug Proof Your Michigan Home

With the warmer temperatures and summer around the corner, you may be noticing some unwanted guests making appearances in your home. Whether spiders, ants, bees, box-elder beetles or anything with eight legs – insects are just better when they are outdoors. If you are like most, you may have tried many different methods in order to bug proof your Michigan home. Perhaps you have even tried some the popular bug proofing tactics below.

Sealing your doors – while this is a very useful piece of advice to keep not only bugs out, but rain and wind too, it can be a slightly strenuous task if you have not already sealed your doors properly. Adding weather-stripping and a caulking to your doors may sound like a fun project, but it’s likely not a simple, easy one. Not to mention, this bug-proofing method won’t work if you enjoy the fresh air and leave the doors open or are entering and exiting frequently.

Maybe you have taken the natural route and have been trying to encourage natural predators around your home. This, too, sounds like an ingenious idea; however, it can take a lot of extra time, often without producing results quickly enough. Birds and bats are some the best natural predators of bugs. With enough time, adding trees and bushes for bird nests, a fresh water supply, and even a bat house in a tree can help reduce the number of insects around home, long-term. One problem always remains…what about the bugs that are creeping in today?

There is an effective, easier and immediate solution. ArborLawn offers an exterior, bug barrier solution that can eliminate many of the bug problems that you are facing around your home. Stopping the bugs before they enter your home, ArborLawn offers regular scheduled bug-barrier applications from May to September. Don’t put yourself through caulking a door or building a bat house – just pick up the phone and call ArborLawn today! We can solve your pest control problem long before you finish the bat house.