Summer Pruning and Why It’s Vital

It’s pretty common knowledge that winter pruning is a good idea; however, did you know that in some cases summer pruning is actually a better option than winter pruning? While pruning in the winter can help stimulate future growth, summer pruning checks your plant’s growth and sees how the health of the plant overall is. Still not sure how pruning a plant with so much growth can be a good idea? Let us explain!

Cutting back over-vigorous growth will work wonders for your plant and allow it to grow at its own, healthy pace. The over-vigorous growth is actually overcrowding your plant and is using most of your plant’s energy. By cutting back this growth, your plant will be able to direct that energy to fruiting buds, rather than just leaves.

Along with the above details, summer pruning is important because some trees and many flowering shrubs tend to bud flowers of the plant’s old, previous year’s growth instead of new growth that is healthier for the new buds. With this case, the best time to prune during the summer is right after the trees or shrubs have dropped after blooming. This will help next year’s buds grow on the plant’s new growth, rather than the growth from the previous season.

If you think that your landscaping has plants that would benefit from a summer pruning or getting to be a little too unruly, contact us at ArborLawn. Our professional arborist will make a visit to your home’s landscaping in order to make recommendations and give you a detailed proposal of what we think is right for your plants to thrive at their best.