Are Your Trees in Need of our Tree Growth Stimulator?

With the summer heat in full swing, your trees may look a little “tired.” If you don’t think that your trees are growing or are not looking as full and vibrant as usual, you may be in need of our tree growth stimulator process. This application process only takes one time and helps new plantings flourish and recover stressed plants to their vibrant states.

In order to make this possible, we inject two different treatments and follow up with a mulching treatment to help make your tree completely benefit from the treatments. The injectable treatments that we use are root stimulants called Mycorrhizae. This soil injection is an all-natural product that will help improve tree root growth and development.

There are three stages in the tree growth stimulator application schedule. The first is the Injectable Mycorrhizal Treatment. This tree growth stimulator treatment is used for stressed trees that are not responding well to fertilization alone and is usually done in conjunction with a conventional deep root feeding. The second stage is the Injectable Mycorrhizal Plus Treatment. This treatment is for the “clorotic” and severely stressed trees that are not responding to traditional treatment with iron injections.

The last stage of the tree growth stimulator treatment is the Mycorrhizal Vertical Mulching treatment. This treatment will introduce different beneficial microorganisms and improves soil structure by increasing particle size, which will result in an increased air space in the tree’s root zone. If you are interested in our tree growth stimulator, contact ArborLawn today!