Which Turf Feeding Insects Will Invade Your Landscaping?

Summer is in full swing, meaning that your lawn is as bright green and beautiful as it gets. Sadly, you’re not the only one who is enjoying your bright green, healthy landscaping. Turf feeding insects love to snack on healthy lawns and it’s important to know if those are the type of pests that have […]

Are Your Trees in Need of our Tree Growth Stimulator?

With the summer heat in full swing, your trees may look a little “tired.” If you don’t think that your trees are growing or are not looking as full and vibrant as usual, you may be in need of our tree growth stimulator process. This application process only takes one time and helps new plantings […]

Summer Pruning and Why It’s Vital

It’s pretty common knowledge that winter pruning is a good idea; however, did you know that in some cases summer pruning is actually a better option than winter pruning? While pruning in the winter can help stimulate future growth, summer pruning checks your plant’s growth and sees how the health of the plant overall is. […]

Try ArborLawn’s Bug Barrier Program!

Have you noticed an increasing number of pests entering your house this summer? It’s true that summer brings new, pesky insects out and about; but that doesn’t mean you have to suffer! With Arbor Lawn’s Bug Barrier Program, you can skip the steps of finding those yucky pests in your home and figuring out how […]

Tips to Bug Proof Your Michigan Home

With the warmer temperatures and summer around the corner, you may be noticing some unwanted guests making appearances in your home. Whether spiders, ants, bees, box-elder beetles or anything with eight legs – insects are just better when they are outdoors. If you are like most, you may have tried many different methods in order […]